Florian Mathieu

My ambition :

To offer today’s wines, bottles that create desire and meet the expectations of consumers. Wines with values, meaning, stories of land and men, high quality wines, adapted to pleasure and tasting, in modern settings

Our Wines


Reflections of French luxury, chic and modern, linked to the French Riviera, destination that makes the whole world dream. Beautiful settings, fresh wines, aromatic and refined.

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Great wines, free and modern, that go beyond the complexity of the codes. Wine full of fruit with dense and elegant material, a pleasure for all moments.


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Organic farming promotes biodiversity, the life of the soil. It favors more expressive and naturally less alcoholic wines.

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A selection that respects both the identity of the appellations and the expectations of consumers. It adapts to the needs with medals, names of domains or prestigious appellations preserving the traditional and reassuring codes.

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 The wine has a very pale pink color, with pure reflections. The nose has a great aromatic intensity that combines exotic notes of papaya and pineapple.
The attack on the palate is fresh with slightly lemony nuances. 
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From the Rhône to the Mediterranean

From the Rhône to the Languedoc, to Provence, I have met in recent years, passionate men and women, respectful of the environment, who work their land with enthusiasm. Partners who, from advice to experiences accompany me in the development of our vineyards.

The rewards


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